Archive: August, 2012

Flower Power

The Daisy. What a beautiful, fun, innocent flower. Simply stunning.  This flower brings me to my childhood, sitting underneath a patch, gazing up at this beauty, with total presence. As a child, you only know this presence, this safety to be who you are. It isn’t until later on, that we decide we are not utterly perfect, just the way we are; imperfect.

So by keeping busy, taking on various roles through my life, I have come to a point, where I need to bring this innocence back. This means to me, freedom. Allowing myself to make mistakes, allowing myself to jump in and take risks, and allowing myself to be loved. Giving myself time to just be. No roles, no deadlines, no excuses and no guilt. Why is it we feel guilt when we give ourselves a few precious moments of silence?

So, I sat with my old friend daisy. Imagining what my 3 year old would have thought doing this exact thing. I invited my inner child to come and play. So, I lay there, in the grass, feeling the earth and watching the clouds float by. Bliss.

When I look through my studies of the daisy, I find that the essence is for feeling empty and a lack of joy and laughter in life; time to let go of the mourning and start living. Never underestimate the power of these flowers!

As I apprehensively write my first submission to my blog, I realize this is perfect timing. On the eve of a full harvest moon, I reflect back, as to all things I am able to harvest. We certainly as a family have been on quite a ride. From moving to Canada from the UK, to finding a wee home in the suburbs to call our own, to finding our dream home surrounded by tall trees and red clover fields, we feel truly blessed.

Our gardens are a reflection of who we are at this moment, so why is mine full of weeds?! Feeling slightly frazzled and over worked, we have brought upon us more “weeds” than we would like. This harvest moon is a reminder of taking what we need, and letting go of what no longer serves us.

As I pull out plants that are not supposed to be there, I ponder, knowing full well the advantages these plants have, and the gifts they have to offer. I use these plants as medicine, whether it is the chickweed, alfalfa, dandelions, they all serve a purpose. Why are they popping up in the gardens? These plants are known as dynamic nutrient accumulators. They are opportunists, popping up wherever they can, allowing the soil to be nourished. I realize as I decide who stays and who goes, that they all serve a purpose, much like the people in our lives. We may wish we wouldn’t have to have that run in with an angry person, or get caught up in gossip; however, these incidences are all here to serve us. Reminding us again who we truly are, and that we carry all of these personalities within us. Which relationships will we nourish, and which ones do we just accept, learn from and move on.

As my kids kick it into high gear on full moons, my patience gets tested. Rather than chase my tail, I took my troops out into the garden, to harvest some lovely herbs. We found ourselves standing amongst the Lemon Balm, a beautiful plant that is said to “make the heart merry”- indeed it did. As we picked, weeded, gathered and brought back our bounty, I was completely astounded as to how much therapy a garden visit can be. Feeling the abundance that is in bloom right now, and harvesting on this harvest moon, brought me gently back to earth. When in doubt, get in the garden.