Archive: March, 2016

Spring is all about new beginnings, the beginning of a new season, a new cycle, a time of re-birth and awakening. What a way to start a new beginning than to call in the element of FIRE to burn away the old, to create space for anew. This is a perfect example of the healing and transformational power of FIRE.

We have been busy working alongside Kettle Creek Conservation Authority over the past 6 months, and on Easter Sunday, the first stage of our new wildflower meadow, began. KCCA have been incredibly supportive in our dream to turn our hay field into a vibrant wildflower meadow (we are after all called Wildflowers Farm!), by awarding us funding through their Clean Water Stewardship program. Click here for more information

A wildflower meadow is a complete ecosystem all on its own providing food for a wide range of wildlife, including one of our faves, the HONEYBEE ! As you know, bees are vital to mankind, yet these beautiful insects are under considerable pressure from habitat loss and disease. So, we want to do what we kind to give back to our sweet pollinators, along with a whole host of wildlife, birds and insects.

Why BURN? Common practice these days is to use ROUND UP, to kill off the grasses, weeds and many woody plants to be able to start the restoration project, but if you know us at all, you will know that R.U. is kind of a bad word around here! We want to restore our land, whilst maintaining our rich organic soil. So, with much discussion, we came to the agreement that the safest way to protect our soil ecology whilst ridding of those pesky invasive grasses is to do a PRESCRIBED BURN, which was done by a wildfire specialist.


For thousands of years, tall grass prairies and open meadows were kept free of trees by the occasional wildfires that cleared the landscape every 2-50 years. These fires were caused by lightening, or set intentionally by Native Americans. They had discovered that fire killed woody plants, but encouraged fruit bearing shrubs and forage producing grasslands. IMG_0029

Prescribed burns today are used most frequently to maintain and restore native grasslands. Prescribed burning can recycle nutrients tied up in old plant growth, improve poor quality forage, increase plant growth and improve certain wildlife habitat.

Check out our time lapse video of the prescribed burn here!

We are incredibly grateful to be able to follow our dreams with the support of KCCA, helping us to create the world we wish to see- full of flowers and bees!

Next up: the planting!

Spring is a time of re-birth, this re-awakening. Just take a look at some of the first spring ephemerals- their delicate nature, and childlike glow, which always happens to stir up feeling of excitement and wonder for the spring season. Seeing my girls get giddy over snowdrops and aconites, warms my heart to no end, and reminds me too how taking a moment to admire each new beginning with innocent curiosity, brings us directly into the present moment.


Winter brings it own blessings of inertia and inward movements, a time to recoup, rest and go within. Spring, on the other hand, begins to call us to begin to move outward, and give us hope (especially for us Canadian folk!) that we will feel the sunlight on our faces once more, and begin to peel back the layers, one by one.

Ayurveda speaks of this particular time of year as KAPHA season, made up of Earth and Water, and imbalance occurs when these elements are in excess. Imbalance can occur simply because the elements are high in our natural environment (think cool and wet) but can also be aggravated by our diets and lifestyles. We can end up feeling heavy, sluggish, congested, lethargic and depressed. Balance can be achieved by cultivating the missing elements at this time through practices such as yoga; daily routines and rituals rooted in Ayurveda; along with our local herbal allies, bringing us into a place of ease and harmony.

The philosophies of Ayurveda, Yoga & Herbalism have created such an impact on my life, deepening my connection with nature, and understanding myself more as I move through each season with awareness and understanding, bringing me towards a more vibrant, balanced and healthy life. This is why I am so passionate to share these teachings with you! If you are interested in learning more about my blend of yoga, Ayurveda and herbalism, check out my events for further details.