Today we celebrate the full moon in Virgo, an Earth sign that supports us in both critical thinking and our desire to nourish- both our physical and mental, especially as Virgo is the sign associated with thinking. This can be seen as deep thinking, over thinking and often self- critical thinking, however when channelled in the right way, Virgo thinking can be enlightening!

This Virgo Moon also occurs when the Sun (the opposite energy) is in Pisces, which represents the water, and supports us with our receptive and intuitive side. So in many ways, this moon represents the push pull that some of us may experience in our daily lives, this feeling, intuiting and dream like piece of ourselves, with the analytical deep thinking, Earthy opposing side of ourselves.

Can we find balance during this time? One of the ways I have found to move through these seasonal transitions is by taking the time to get outside, re-connect to nature, nourish with a full moon soak in the tub, release with a fire outside, attending a drumming circle, or practicing some releasing and opening yoga postures to help clear the mind.

As many of you may know, during the warmer months, we host regular outdoor drum circles on the farm—stay tuned for new Full Moon circles in the next coming months!

Blessings on this last full moon of winter!!