May was full or promises with all of the beautiful blooming flowers and bird songs. The other day in yoga, we did a meditation on the bird sounds, listening intently to all of the different calls. It is such a simple, yet effective method of grounding into the present moment.

A lovely woman commented that she has since taken the time each day to listen in stillness for a moment, in awe of wonders of nature: what a gift!

There really is nothing like being in nature to bring you back to your self, and to connect to your senses. It allows us to view nature as a living and breathing world, that is full of magic and mystery, and that is always whispering its teachings to us. By simply closing the eyes and listening, the natural world comes alive. Can you hear the pines swaying in the breeze, the seeds floating by, the hum of the bees, or feel the sun shining its rays? Meditating in nature allows us to fully embody the senses, which Patanjali, author of the Yoga Sutra was pointing to when he wrote, “The mind can be made steady by bringing it into contact with sense experience”

Mindfulness simply occurs naturally in nature, where attention becomes more effortless, as our thoughts become drawn into the aliveness of the present moment. So I invite you, to try it for yourself. Step out into the garden, and begin to focus your attention on the birds, the smell of the earth, touching the soil, getting in touch with the cycles of nature, and seeing yourself as part of a much bigger web of life!