Can you feel it in the air? This past weekend in Southern Ontario, we certainly did! The robins were out, the bees were buzzing and the winter aconites (Eranthus hyemalis) opened, offering the seasons first flower which is not only beautiful, but an important pollinator for our bees.

Winter aconite flowers open and close with the sun. When the sun is shining their petals open and they bath in the bright rays, turning their yellow faces to the adorning sun and laugh away winter, and when it goes down or on cloudy days the petals stay closed.

Today marks the spring quarter point of equal day and night, known in the northern hemisphere as the first day of spring. The balance of day and night, light and dark, inner and outer, intuition and rational, conscious and unconscious, male and female. This brings fertility and manifestation on all levels.

This is a time of year where the plans that have been incubating on the inner levels since the Autumn Equinox can now hatch out onto the physical plane. The egg is a potent symbol here, full of potential and new life.

Everything in nature is coming alive, the sun us gaining strength and the days are longer and slowly starting to get warmer. It is a time to throw off the restraints of winter and reach out for what we want, make plans, journey forth, take risks. This is certainly true for us, as we patiently await the beginning of our new building! We are hoping to break ground in April, and trust that all will work out!

When you look at this time of year through the Ayurvedic lens, you can see how nature influences both our outer and inner lives. In the Ayurvedic system of health, every season has a dosha, or set of qualities, associated with it. Winter, governed by Vata dosha, has been cold, dry and dark. When the sun lingers longer, the ground thaws and mud heralds the beginning of Kapha dosha season. Kapha season starts out wet and cold in March and ends up wet and warm, in May and June. Just as the first flowers poke their heads above the mud, and the birds singing show mating season, so to can some feel these effects in their respiratory system.

The English word “cough” comes from the Sanskrit word, KAPHA. The main location of Kapha in the body is in the chest. When the Kapha dosha becomes aggravated, mucus increases, leading to colds and problems with sinus congestion, allergies and asthma. This is why spring cleaning (both internally and externally) is a good idea this time of year, to clean out the excess for a brighter + lighter way to move through this season!

We have come up with a few formulas to help support one during this seasonal transition.

Based on both Ayurvedic and Western Herbalism practices and principles, we have put together some spring healing remedies to support you through this season

 New Spring Healing formulas!

Spring Bath Salts- A warming and stimulating blend to help brush off the excess of winter.

Spring Abyhanga Oil- Abyhanga is considered a “hug for the soul” a way to nourish and nurture oneself. Each season, we create specific formulas to help one find balance. This spring self massage oil is a blend of sesame and sunflower oil infused with Rosemary and Calamus designed to warm, revitalize and promotes energy + vitality.

Spring Teas

Spring Tonic- The spring tonic is designed to support immunity and help the body remain strong as we step outwardly into spring.

Spring Allergy Tea- Nature’s defense that may reduce springtime pollen sensitivity and allergy symptoms. Add wildflowers honey for sweetness and to build immunity!