Herbal Medicine

Herbalism is an age-old tradition where plants are gathered for their flavours, aromas, and for their nutritional and medicinal values. An art, herbalism represents a balance of head and heart that relies more on intuition than precise scientific reasoning. There was a period of eclipse for herbalism, as modern medicine came into play with a mechanicistic approach, involving technology and less time with the patient.

Through the influence of Newton and Descartes, Western culture entered a period when people believed they could understand and control nature by dissecting and quantifying it. The science of medicine began replacing the art of healing.

Modern medicine offers phenomenal crisis and emergency-oriented results. However, as allopathic medicine flourished, we began to lose sight of the needs of individuals, and preventative medicine. There was a “pill” or quick fix for every imbalance. We became less healthy, and more disconnected to nature. We lost a lot of the knowledge that was passed down through generations, and the initiatives to heal ourselves and our families.

Today, herbalism is flourishing, with more people growing and gathering. As we go back into the ways of our ancestors, we unearth our heritage. Working with herbs, digging the earth, making herbal preparations and using them for health and healing is the best way possible to re-establish our connection to our oldest tradition.

The revival of herbalism has come in many ways: some of us remember something deep within us — our herbal legacy, perhaps, that was ready to be rekindled by a special memory or circumstance. Many begin their herbal studies unsuspectingly in the safety of their gardens. As we quietly weed, and work with the earth, the plants seem to instruct, teach and guide, and we develop an interest about their healing properties.

I discovered herbs through my own illnesses, after searching for long-term relief for imbalances. With the help of the holistic model of herbalism, I was on the road to understanding my body, mind and spirit more deeply. This brought about a strong curiosity about the healing properties of plants.

I found myself reading medicinal herb books, signing up for classes, and treating my family with simple remedies from our garden. This turned into my home-based business of making herbal blends for others to enjoy.

Whether we grow culinary herbs, drink herbal teas, apply topical herbal ointments, we are all part of the magic of herbalism. These plants do teach us, and they take us to the heart and soul of Mother Earth; they offer us a gentle and holistic healing system, which ignites our hearts.