My Story

My story began in a quiet English village in Fleet, Hampshire, surrounded by greens, wise old trees and dandelion leaves. It was here, no doubt, that my passion for herbalism sprouted.

A few years later – because of my father’s work – our family moved overseas to the idyllic state of California, where I spent my childhood, mostly in the village of Del Mar, San Diego. Untouched land was still common and we spent our days roaming open fields, hiking, and riding our bikes to the beach.

Eventually my father’s career took us back to England, to the very house where I was born. The great trees, the open land, and the seasonal changes gave me a sense of connecting with nature’s rhythms once again.

During my university years, I pursued herbal medicine because I wanted relief from chronic headaches, and digestive upsets (not subsiding with allopathic medicine). I began to feel substantial changes in my body, mind and spirit.

During term breaks and after graduation, I travelled extensively through Australia, Southeast Asia and Europe. When travelling though third world countries, I was astounded by the poverty. It was here that I observed people who practiced the ancient art of herbal medicine out of necessity. It inspired me to see this wisdom – passed down through generations – very much alive.

I felt whole and content and realized I needed nothing else. And just like that, as we travelled through the small island of Malta, I met my husband.

We were swept up in a relationship which led us on travels through Southeast Asia and Canada. Eventually we settled in England where we had our first child, a son. Not long after, we found ourselves in my husband’s hometown of St Thomas, Ontario. Open land, long quiet roads, beautiful beaches, and conservation areas — I was home.

Having had wonderful results with herbal medicine for my own imbalances, it only seemed natural to do the same for my growing family — now our little boy had two sisters.

I turned to herbs as a form of preventative medicine and to treat mild conditions. I found using herbs –for coughs, colds and flu, diaper rash, colic, sleeping troubles, hyperactivity and so on to be very beneficial. Learning to trust my instincts – when to turn to the herbs – was a wonderful process.

I signed up for my first herbal class when our daughter was born. I dove in, listened, watched, and tasted, as our instructor taught us about local plants. In a short time, I was totally hooked, I could not believe this was so accessible.

I felt such a connection to and understanding of this medicine. As I learned about our plants, their nutritional and medicinal properties, and was able to identify them, where they grow and how they taste, well, it took my passion to a much deeper place. Practicing this ancient tradition of herbal medicine-making tickled my soul.

I began to take the time to formulate different blends. I had to share our abundance with extended family and close friends. After two years of formulating and testing, it was time to share these with the world.

I launched Wildflowers Tea in spring 2011. This is a career path on which I feel very much at home. I continue to formulate and create these wondrous herbs in the hopes that I can package healing plants for others to enjoy.

Education is still a huge part of my Wildflowers Tea. I hold a “Visionary Herbal Educator” diploma and I’m studying for a “Clinical Herbalist” diploma. I continue to take part in quarterly courses with our local master herbalist as herbal training is a lifelong process.

Our family now resides on a 9 acre organic farm where we wild craft, harvest and grow ethically with the utmost respect. We work with our heads, hearts, and hands and encourage others to do the same. We hope to continue to share our blessings for many years to come.