Our Farm

We are the Magri’s, Chuck, Jane our three wonderfully spirited children, along with our growing count of animals, reside on Wildflowers Farm. We are living our dream of living in harmony with the land and offering to share this with our community as we learn and grow together to get back to basics. It really is our mission to provide a space for our children, to learn the importance of living gently with the land, and also understanding where our food comes from.

Chuck’s interest in bees and beekeeping went from looking at a friend’s hive into 350,000 new pets! Chuck’s passion for these magnificent marvels has brought him such joy, and his hive count continues to grow year after year. He is happiest showing visitors what the bees are all about, and may even offer a finger lick of honey straight from the frame. We now offer our very own Wildflowers Honey in our farm store.

As our hive count grew, so did our flowers! We recently planted over 1200 perennials, and that is just the beginning. Focusing on perennials and native plants, we continue to provide the bees with fabulous pollen and nectar. It is a beautiful sight to see our field in full bloom. We have always enjoyed cutting flowers from our established gardens and adorning our dinner table with colour. Gift giving to family and friends soon blossomed into bringing bundles to farmers markets to sell. We now offer arrangements for your special occasions. Our flowers are grown without the use of any chemicals so our earth, our bees and our family can breathe happily.

Throughout our first year of being open to the public, we cannot deny that Wildflowers Farm has become a great place to gather in community and learn and grow together. We offer tea tastings, herb walks, as well as many seasonal events such as Solstice Celebrations. Yoga sessions for kids and adults are also held in our store, and in the warmer weather, we can breathe through yoga flow under the canopy of our fruit trees. Our events page has all of these offerings listed.